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Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I’ll be posting links to nifty design freebies and DIY projects that I come across, as well as other things that I think are interesting and super cool at the given moment. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my jumbled up thoughts, and please feel free to leave comments on my posts!


So… About me.

I’m a designer.

For the longest time, I could never put a finger on what I am… because I’m so many things. I love to take pictures, I love to drive around and look at things. I love architecture, landscapes, mountains, and water – ranging from puddles to the ocean. I love to cook, bake, and create all things foody. I love to make things with my hands, from wedding cakes to crafts, to sculpture. I love to shop… but mostly for other people. I love video games, but I’m much more into video games that take me into imaginary worlds, and allow me to explore, and create, and learn… than the ones where all I do is walk around and shoot things.  I love technology, and all the things I can do with it… I love life, and believe that every day, every breath is a blessing and the most precious commodity.

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