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12/14/2010 / jenidleman

Things I Love… Holiday Edition #5

Before we get to the recipes,  we must make sure you have everything you need. Am I giving you a grocery list? No. But there other things that are uber important to Christmas baking!

When I was little, I used to watch “I Love Lucy” on Nick at Night. I LOVED that show, because not only was it funny, but Lucy had the prettiest dresses, coats and aprons.

This apron, from Carolyn’s Kitchen, (specializing in retro, pin-up style aprons)  is something I imagine she’d wear. You could put it on, dye your hair red… (Like I am later on today… *ahem*) and drink some vitameatavegamin… and I’m sure your holiday treats would be better than ever.

From another angle, what says Christmas quite like Science Fiction? I can’t think of anything either. And for that reason, might I introduce you to the Williams-Sonoma Star Wars line…

Don this apron proudly, young Padawan, and may the Force be with your cookie baking!

And now, roll up your sleeves and sprinkle powdered sugar on your cheeks… here are my 10 favorite cookie recipes:

1. Chocolate Crinkles

2. Peanut Butter Blossoms (Gotta use Jif!)

3. Thumbprints – use different Jams or cream cheese frosting in the little ‘thumbprints’ and roll in coconut, shaved almonds, or crushed butter mints. Major Yum. *salutes*

4. Pretzel Cookies

5. Coconut Macaroons

6. Chocolate Chunk – I usually throw in some red and green M&M’s too, just for a little Christmas flair, you can also add crushed Andes mint chocolate chunks, if you’re a mint-chocolate person like I am.

7. Mexican Wedding Cookies These are just so pretty – try dying the dough with red or green food coloring, so your guests have a surprise when they bite in.

8. Snicker’s Cookies (I use milky-way bars instead, and I use a full little mini-bar, not fourths.

9. Buttermint Cookies – these taste just like those yummy butter mints we fill our cheeks with at baby/bridal showers.

10. Dreamsicle Cookies – This recipe is different than the one I used before, but I’m totally trying this one this year. It sounds amazing. Just make sure the Vodka goes in the cookies, not in your tummy. 😛


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  1. bluemixer / Dec 23 2010 2:48 PM

    I love that apron, red hair, and all things retro!

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