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12/13/2010 / jenidleman

Things I Love… Holiday Edition #4

Happy Monday! Hope everyone out there in interweb-land had an amazing weekend. I braved the crazy holiday shoppers and ‘almost’ finished my Christmas shopping. It was actually kinda fun. 🙂

As promised, here are some super cute ornament ideas. Most would be very simple to create, and would look great on top of packages, on a garland on your mantle, or on your tree!

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1. White Linen Rag Balls – I love rag balls, I have lots of them on my tree, and around my house at Christmas-time.  These white linen ones are very pretty.

2. Cute as a button ornaments – I would probably not make these in pink… but if you added a little ribbon or engraved charm, it would make a really sweet ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ ornament in pink or blue!

3. Button Wreaths – Love these, and they’re so simple to make. All you need is pipe cleaners, ribbon, and lots of buttons.

4. Scrap Ornaments – similar to rag balls, but more a hodge-podge collection of little fabric scraps. So inexpensive to make, too.

5. Paper Ball Ornaments – These are great, and they store flat. What more could you ask for?

6. Felt Birds Ornaments – So cute. You could do all different types of birds, too… cardinal, oriole, crow…

7. Paper Snowflakes – More of a window or garland decoration, I suppose… but you could hang little ones on your tree, too!

8. Spiky Paper Ball – These look tedious. But if you have the patience, they look awesome!

9. Cute Wire Cat Ornament – Had to post something for fellow kitty lovers. 🙂

10. This collection of Paper Ornament and Felt Ornament DIY projects would keep me busy for hours.

Back tomorrow with another of my favorite Christmas things… Cookie recipes! Have a great day everyone!


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