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12/13/2010 / jenidleman

Holiday Pom-Pom Ornament DIY

This is, I believe, the first DIY project I’ve ever created and posted on my blog. I post tons of other people’s projects, but this is my first! Yay!

This project was born when I found some big skeins of yarn on clearance… somewhere… and unpacked my Christmas decorations and found some leftover ribbon spools. I wanted to make little pom-poms to use on my presents, and you can most certainly use this tutorial to make those too, but the pictures I’m featuring are for the large pom-poms I made to go on my tree.

The first thing you’ll need is two cardboard or cardstock circles, with holes in the center big enough for your yarn and fingers to go through. I used the paper from the outside of a ribbon spool, and this pic was taken after I’d already made a few. 😉

Next, choose your yarn, and cut a length off of the skein. (I pull to the length of my arm 4 times, that keeps everything manageable.) String one end of your yarn through the center hole, and pull to one of the outside edges.

Then, just start wrapping the yarn from the center circle, around the outside edge, then back through the circle, until you’ve gone all the way around. Make sure you leave a little bit of space, so you can fit your scissors between the two discs, for the next step.

Now, using a pair of strong, sharp scissors, place the bottom blade through the two discs, and underneath the yarn loops.

Then snip the yarn all the way around the circle.

Next, cut another piece of yarn. Long enough to tie around the middle of your pom-pom, and make a hanger to hang it on the tree. Slip the yarn through the two paper discs, and tie in a tight knot around the center of your newly snipped yarn pieces.

Now, gently pull each paper disc off of the yarn on each side.

Then, holding your new pom-pom by the ‘hanger’ you made, shake it so it fluffs into a ball.

And that’s all there is to it. You can change the size that your pom-poms will come out by just using smaller cardboard circles. I’m using about a 2″ diameter circles for the ones I’m making for on my gifts. They really add a cute, personal touch to the brown kraft wrapping paper I used. I can’t wait to give them all away!


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