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12/10/2010 / jenidleman

Things I Love… Holiday Edition #3

Today’s post, as promised, is dedicated to pretty gift wrapping ideas. These are some of my favorites that I’ve found this year – a lot of these links will take you to slideshows of even more ideas! My gifts this year are wrapped with brown paper, and a light blue snowman paper, with multi-colored blue yarn pom poms, felt scraps, pipe cleaners, and grosgrain ribbon.

We went and picked out a Christmas tree last night. It’s sitting in my living room smelling up the place like Christmas. Before this evening is over it should look pretty festive in our little place!

Here’s the goods.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1. Burlap bags with pretty fabric tops – This is actually a listing for an item on Etsy, but I love her packaging!

2. Sock wine bottle wraps – I love these… Wine for everyone this year.

3. Rubber bands! – I’d love to use them on boxes wrapped in newsprint, or comic strips.

4. Vintage game boards – Bingo cards would also be super cute, or even scratch-off lottery tickets.

5. Recycled packing materials – this site has some very cute ideas!

6. Fabrics and Lace – I love these ideas so much. My wedding-party theme is going something very close to this… with the doilies and bakers twine, and a little nautical thrown in. πŸ™‚

7. Pretty gift toppers – Brooches, twine, paper buttons… good stuff.

8. Beautiful ribbons and fabrics – This spread is so, so gorgeous. They’re on a wedding site, but I can’t think of a single holiday I wouldn’t be happy to receive a box like that on!

9. Maps and recycled papers – Wouldn’t it be fun to wrap souvenir-type gifts in maps? Love.

10. Leaves and natural products – I love the banana leaves and cinnamon sticks – I’d also love to try that paper that has the seeds woven into it. A gift that gives more than once. πŸ™‚

Monday’s post will be featuring pretty ornaments. DIY’s, deals, etc. Have a great weekend!


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