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11/12/2010 / jenidleman

Peregrination #6 Etsy Shop!

Well at the urging of everyone who saw the silly Duct Tape purses and suggested I try selling them on Etsy… I am happy to announce my new Etsy shop! It’s kind of a little dream of mine to make a money by selling things that I make with my hands. Websites and logos are one thing… but actual tangible products that I imagined in my head and used materials to make come to life… that’s quite another.

I’m pretty sure I inherited my craftiness from my Mom… although my dad’s pretty brilliant at figuring things out and making what he needs, instead of paying someone else to do it. They are both amazing parents, and I don’t know very many people that are as generous, supportive and caring as they are. They’re basically my heroes, and though they might not want to admit it sometimes, they’re the reason I’m who I am today. πŸ™‚

So, without further ado… I present “Sticky” πŸ™‚

(Click the picture to go take a look!)

I only have a few products on there, but I’d love your comments and tips! I priced everything according to other things I saw on Etsy that were similar. However, this is a total learning experience, so I expect to make lots of changes. I have other kinds of products in mind as well… I just haven’t had a chance to get them all up there. Again, I’d love your suggestions! I hope that it’s successful, but even if it’s not, I’ll know that I tried.

Happy Friday everyone! πŸ™‚


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