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11/10/2010 / jenidleman

The Assimilation

If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you’ve probably already seen these… but I thought I’d show off our Borg costumes one more time before moving on to other holidays. 🙂

My fiancé and I are both major Star Trek geeks. I have had the biggest crush on Leonard Nimoy (The original Spock) pretty much my entire life. We also have a particular obsession with the Borg – especially the episodes where Captain Picard is kidnapped and assimilated into Locutus of Borg, and of course, the First Contact movie. We love how creepy and zombie-like the Borg are, plus, advanced technology, assimilation of other cultures and technologies into their own… it’s good stuff.

We started planning our 2010 Halloween Borg costumes early in the spring, and after many trips to Home Depot to buy cable wraps, and battery operated screwdrivers, laser pointers… knee pads, wires… anything we could find that we thought that would make us look like Borg. Our best find was at the Dollar Tree. This year they got in a ‘robot cop’ costume, which was a chest plate, a shield, a helmet, and gauntlets. Once they were spray painted black, and had some wires sticking out of them, they were perfect!

The finished project of our costumes included parts of electronics  that we disassembled, soda bottles, glow necklaces, duct tape, zip ties, soccer shin guards… I don’t think I can even remember everything. We spent HOURS getting everything ready, then getting into costume. They were hot, they were uncomfortable, but wow did we get attention! We couldn’t walk ten steps without someone asking for a picture. We got on the news, and a few different websites. We had so much fun that we dressed up again the day after Guavaween to go out on Halloween night.

Here’s a video that my Mr. made. He’s geeky *and* cute… what more could a girl ask for?

And a few pictures!



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