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11/03/2010 / jenidleman

Things I Love Today

Lately I’ve been in a super crafty mood.

My Fiancé and I made Borg (From Star Trek) costumes for ourselves for Halloween, I’ve been creating a lot of duct tape purses/wallets, and now it’s time to start making Christmas ornaments!

I’ve gathered a little collection of craft tutorials that I’m dying to try. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

1. Fox Lamp Tutorial (If I ever have a baby – his or her room will be decorated a lot like that one.)

2. Gnomes! (Totally calling them ‘Elves’ and putting them on the Christmas tree.)

3. Adorable Owls (Pattern available for purchase in her Etsy shop.)


4. The Slasher Scarf (Can’t wait to try this! I love scarves…)

5. These cute little birdies (I’ve already made a few of these… my own interpretation of them, at least.)

6. These doily votives will be on the tables at my wedding. (via)


7. Framed Fabrics (I don’t have a sewing machine, yet I’m always buying little scraps of fabric that I think are pretty… this would be a great way to display them! I need pretty room to work in… and a sewing machine.)

8. Brown Paper Packages (Wedding inspiration…)

9. Fabric Flowers… (I’m thinking a string of red fabric flowers would be gorgeous on my Christmas tree… What do you think?)


And just to make it an even 10, – here’s my latest duct tape project!

It’s ‘Funky Flamingo’ colored duct tape, in a wallet design, with a giant button I got at Wal-Mart. Total cost? about $4. I fully intended for this to be a gift, or maybe go in the Etsy shop I’m in the process of setting up… but I fell in love with it, so it’s now in my purse. :\

It has plenty of pockets for cash, credit cards, and my phone – and I love it very much, even though I stabbed myself with a needle on multiple occasions trying to do the stitching across the front. Don’t laugh. Have you ever tried to stick a needle through about 6 layers of duct tape? It ain’t easy. I’m kidding, you can laugh.

Today’s my sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday Dee!! 🙂


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