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08/23/2010 / jenidleman


This morning as I was making my blog rounds, I ran across some absolutely to-die-for recipes that I just can’t wait to try. So I thought I’d share them with everyone.

First, this scrambled egg cake:

Seriously? It’s apricots in vanilla pudding and covered with gelatin. So. Cute.

Next, these cupcakes!

Chocolate cupcakes, filled with chocolate nougat, covered with chocolate and caramel buttercream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Suddenly I feel warm and squishy inside.

And then I’d like one of these:

Love! Fish tacos. Love. And this recipe looks particularly yummy.

Lately I’ve been craving peach cobbler.

Look at this portable little alternative! Now if I could just talk Edward into a quick little trip up to Georgia to get some peaches…

And finally, just a sweet little nibble.

Lamingtons. Even the name is cute. I had these once when I was in Chicago. They are yummy, and according to this recipe, stupid simple to make. Hello wedding food!

*edit: I forgot to post the links, sorry about that, all. I have the step-kiddo’s-to-be today and my mind is going in many, many directions. 🙂 Also, the recipes are from some of my most favorite foody blogs. Be sure to check them out!


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