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07/12/2010 / jenidleman



In my last post I mentioned that our last night in Savannah was the best part of the whole trip. The reason for that is… My guy and I got engaged. 🙂

I love the south. Laid back, hospitable, friendly and warm… I’m all about it.

Savanna is the best example of all those things that I’ve ever found. We spent both days we were there roaming around the city. We walked River St. we took the trolley tour, we went to the Pirate House, we ate oysters and crawfish, and stared dreamily into each others eyes once we were too full of all the southern food to move… We stopped in a place on River Street, I do not remember the name – all I know is that it was really hot and we needed a drink and some lunch, and they claimed to have a raw bar, so in we went. We sat next to a really nice old couple who were also vacationing from florida – and they recommended that we try out a restaurant near the Inn where they were staying, called the Olde Pink House.

We took a chance and called for a reservation… and they had one available for 8PM. The place was incredible. There was a basement piano bar, an amazing, friendly staff  – and this lady dressed in an old fashioned poofy dress – who was walking from table to table singing old love songs. (She was amazing, we bought her CD.)  The dining rooms were spread out all over the house, and each one was lit by fireplaces, and candles on the table… truly romantic.

We got our food, which was melt-in-your-mouth delicions, though for the life of me I can’t remember exactly what I had… Steak I think? About half way through our meal, Edward got up to use the restroom… which I thought was weird, considering he’s a bit germaphobic, but I kept attacking my steak, or whatever it was, and waited for him to come back.

The next thing I know, the chick in the poofy dress was at the table singing “At Last…” and our waiter was filming me with Edward’s iPhone all teary-eyed… and I see Edward on one knee to my right… and everything gets a little fuzzy there. But I know I said yes. 🙂 Everyone in the dining room clapped, and the staff was so, so sweet to us. Neither of us were in the mood for dessert after all that but when we declined, the waiter brought us this:

If you’re ever in Savannah with someone you love. You should definitely check that place out… but don’t expect a proposal! Results may vary. 😉

So now we just have to decide whether we’re gonna elope to somewhere amazing, or plan a wedding. I gotta tell ya… at this point… eloping is winning by a long shot. We could go to like, the Keys – or Hawaii for a week, hire someone to take pictures, then send everyone a post card to let them know it was done. It would be sooooooo much cheaper than a wedding, plus we could explore somewhere new. I like it. I don’t even have a ring yet though, so I think I still have a little while to decide.

Anyway, that’s my exciting news! The cat is officially outta the bag. Happy Monday everyone!


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