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06/23/2010 / jenidleman

The week so far.

Hey all,

So this week is getting away from me yet again. Somehow I seem to have come down with a sinus infection. So I’ve been puttering around with a stuffy nose for the past few days, and reading. A lot. I read “Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffen.

Quite a disappointment. It was written for the person with the reading level of a 5th grader, and geared toward those women who still see themselves as they were in high school, ten years later. That’s harsh, I know… but so many people had told me the series was ‘really good’ that I guess my expectations were too high. I might give one of her other novels a try, but for now, I’m moving on to something better. Also, a side note: I just noticed when I searched for a picture of this book to add to my post… I noticed they’re making it into a movie. Sheesh. I no longer want to add a picture.

My next literary challenge is “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris.


It’s supposed to be funny… and it has a skull on the front. Can’t go wrong with that. hehe

Tonight is Edward and Ian’s Kung Fu class, and Edward’s band audition. And I have a very long to-do list before then, so I better get started.

Also, I just found these via Rare Bird Finds… and have fallen madly in love with them.

Corn holders

That’s it for today!

P.S. I need a beach day. Who wants to come with me?


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