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03/02/2010 / jenidleman

Life leaves little time for blogging.

I’m really bad about making new blogs, then abandoning them after the first couple of posts. Really. Bad.

What I’ve been doing lately?

My boyfriend’s birthday was February 16th… I’m kind of an amateur at cake decorating, but I do ok…

Edward's Cake

He’s getting his private pilot’s license. This cake was modeled after the plane he’s learning in. (Albeit a cartoony version…)


My bedroom was looking a little… tired. So I got a new bedspread, and created these, based on patterns in the stitching:

February paintings...

I’ll post more pictures when I’m finished with the room. I’m really excited to see how it turns out. 🙂


Exploring my new little world:

Ybor City

Ybor City is soooo much fun.


I’m also building a game news website,… Hopefully that will be up by next week… when I go to San Francisco, CA to GDC!! (Game Developer’s Conference) I am SO excited, both about the trip, since I’ve never been to the west coast… and also the event. So excited, that I’m working my tail off trying to get this site finished so I can blog about it while I’m there.


And… I’m attempting to teach myself a couple of new programming languages. C# and silverlight.

I wish I could just figure out one thing I’m really good at and stick with it… but until that happens… there are my current five.


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