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12/30/2009 / jenidleman

Hello World!

Well, this is not my first blog, so I feel kind of silly for announcing myself to the world… again… but here goes.

I’m Jen. I like music, and technology… I love creating things, from artwork, to crafty things, to food… and I’m actually pretty good at it.

I originally started this blog on another blog site early in ’09. I sensed big changes coming my way, and I thought a blog would be an amazing way to document it. What I didn’t consider, however… is how difficult adjusting to all these changes would be, and how little time I would have to reflect about them in a blog.

What changes, you ask? Well:

Most importantly, my divorce became a done deal. This was the most anticipated and dreadful change of my entire life. I am SO glad it’s over.

I started playing MMORPG’s online. And ended up meeting ‘the’ most amazing man… in a virtual world… where I drove a purple jeep that I programmed and designed myself… and had perfect, straight hair. (unlike this curly mop I have to deal with in real life) He rode around on a hoverboard and had black spiky hair. We became very close friends, made an iphone game together, met in real-life… and are now dating.

Even after the divorce was pretty much a done deal, I still felt like my life revolved around everything to do with my failed marriage. I needed a change of scenery. My new guy wanted to move to Florida to be closer to his children who lived there with their mom. So… I quit my job, hugged my family and friends, hopped in a u-haul, waved farewell to the mountains of West Virginia, and here I am in Florida.

Soon after arriving in Florida, we adopted a new kitty. His name is Tank, a little tabby cat that is happiest when he is snuggled in his people’s arms. He joins his big sister, Zoey… my pretty little princess kitty, who prefers you don’t mess her fur. Zoey did not want a brother. But as long as he doesn’t get too close, everything’s ok.

2009 has been a big, busy year. I can’t help but believe that 2010 is going to be even better.

Thanks for reading me. 🙂


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